Amy Boyes, Total Transaction Realty Ltd

Business Description

It’s important to us at Total Transaction Realty Ltd that our clients have quality service and have up to date trained professionals looking after their investment property(s).

Our Leading Edge with Professional Training And Security.
Property Management isn’t just about collecting rent and charging a fee. Our company is a fully Licenced Real Estate Company, bound by the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

All of our Property Managers are also Licenced Real Estate Salespersons under the REAA and are required to maintain mandatory training each year in order to meet the REAA requirements and continue the current status of their License.

Additionally our Company is a member of a number of elite Training organisations both National and International.

These include LPMA (Leading Property Managers Association), Real Estate Dynamics, TPS (Tenancy Practice Services) and IGT (Inspired Growth Training). The continuous training with these organisations keep us up to date with any legislation changes allowing us to assist in gaining the highest rental return for you and your investment.

All rental funds paid into our office are paid into a dedicated Rental Trust Account which is professionally audited 4 x per year, this affords our Clients the confidence that their funds and Tenant funds are protected and secure.

Our Tenants Paid on Time Results.
Zero Tolerance” is our policy for late rent payments & tenants sign acknowledgement of this when they sign the Tenancy Agreement. Total Transaction Realty Ltd late rent payers ( less than 5 days ) consistently averages only 1.1%, far better than the estimated industry standard (60% of agents have more than 3% of tenants over 7 days late in rent). 98.9% of our tenants are paying their rent on time. By way of demonstration we have only attended the Tenancy Tribunal 3 times in 5 years for the matter of Rent Arrears.

How we use a Tenant Default Database.
Total Transaction Realty Ltd is also a subscriber to the highly respected New Zealand focussed Tenancy Practice Services Ltd, which not only provide up to date legislative training but they provide a fantastic and comprehensive Tenancy background and credit checks. This background check leads the way in national tenancy databases and default tenancy control systems and searches over 300 places when providing the background check, including the Tenancy Tribunal database. This means that if the tenant has a bad history or left a property damaged, and has been issued with a Tenancy Tribunal Order, it will appear on this check along with any criminal history they may have. 

Our Property Occupancy Rates are the Highest.

Each week your property sits vacant, you are losing approx. 2% off your annual rental income. We have a very low vacancy rate that has consistently been sitting under the national average. 

Total Transaction Realty Ltd has an average vacancy rate of 1 – 1.5%, with the estimated national average at 3.5%. We consistently achieve this by having rigorous procedures and professional staff keeping track of all tenant enquiries and viewings, via an online booking system. Having a stringent tenancy database system that we utilise, keeping us up to date with pre-approved tenants ready to move into suitable properties.

Our Property Marketing Results
Total Transaction Realty Ltd is constantly renting properties within 2-3 weeks, often prior to the property even being vacant. Our online application and booking process is continually keeping our vacancy rate at record lows. The system that Total Transaction Realty Ltd is using is not just helping our owners, but also making it easier for our prospective tenants with finding and applying for properties, speeding up the process of filling properties, we update our owners each week of the progress of their property leasing when vacant.      

We utilise 4 websites including Trademe and and One Roof our own L J Hooker website.

We feel our property management team is leading the way in the area. With a team of 5 to ensure your property is maintained at the highest level possible.

‘’Our best interest is with our owners’’ and also having the Divisional Manager as a Shareholder in the Company with daily input also from the Company’s Managing Director makes a real difference too!

Accreditations & Qualifications

Amy is the only life member in New Zealand of the prestigious LJ Hooker ‘Captain’s Club’ Property Investment Management Chapter which recognises the highest performing and top rated personnel and has been a member for the last 11 consecutive years. She was also a finalist in the ‘Leading Property Manager of NZ’ Awards in 2017, an industry focussed association of some of New Zealand’s leading Property Management Company’s.


Licenced Real Estate Sales Person under REAA