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Shelter realty
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Shelter realty Real Estate
288 Te Atatu Road
Te Atatu south

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You'll Never lose with a clews

Now that you have made the decision to sell your biggest asset. Your biggest question is Who do I Get to sell It?

Robyn has learnt through her years of Real Estate that its not about the House , its about your experience. Robyn loves to build relationships and partnerships with her vendors so that they feel they have peace of mind and because Robyn will work for you every step of the way you can feel comfortable that she will get the job done through being transparent, Honest and trustworthy.

Robyn’s loves to be hands on, you may find her weeding your garden, sweeping the paths and through her large network of partners she can give you a trustworthy tradesman to help you achieve your required outcome on the sale of the property.

Her Background has always been in sales, being on the ground and working her way through the Corporate Ladder , This has enabled her to understand what happens through the full process of the sale process from building the relationship to closing the sale. Robyn’s awards as Australasian Sales Manager leaders shows her proven success.

  In her years of Real Estate Robyn has achieved the Rising Star award for Regional Sales 3 times and is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream for the future.

Her past Vendors sing her praise that she used every avenue available to fulfil their needs, You can read her testimonials on