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Little Beauty
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Little Beauty Beauty Services
28 Waima crescent, Titirangi
28 Waima crescent

Business Description

Little Beauty Titirangi

My name is Kimberley and I own and operate a Beauty Therapy clinic from my home in Titirangi, West Auckland.

I have been a Beauty Therapist for over 30 years and absolutely love what I do. I have also taught Beauty Therapy for nearly 10 years and have a lot of knowledge to share.

I provide a full Beauty Therapy service including facial treatments, relaxation and deep tissue massage, all body waxing including female brazillians, manicures and pedicures, lash and brow tinting, lash lifting, electrolysis and red vein and skin tag removal, and spray tanning.

In my clinic I use the Beauty Therapy-only range Sabore. It is NZ made and is Organic. The range also has an environmentally friendly approach and use recyclable packaging where possible. It is also cruelty free.

I run my clinic from my home in the peaceful Waitakeres. My aim is to provide a welcome respite from the daily grind; a wee sanctuary free from stress. Clients can drive right up to my clinic entrance - no hassles with parking, or getting wet if it is raining. No need to worry about leaving without makeup after a facial as no-one will see you. I have a 15 minute gap between all clients so no need to worry about the awkwardness of waiting in a waiting room before being seen. I won't be late for your appointment and you won't have to trip over anyone leaving (well rarely..even best laid plans can go astray!).

I will endeavour to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. I get a real kick sending away a happy client!

Accreditations & Qualifications

New Zealand Beauty Therapy qualification 1987 (NZBth. Assoc)

International Beauty Therapy qualification 1993 (CIDESCO)