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Impact Coaching
Member of the Titirangi BoB Club

Impact Coaching Coaching Psychologist
Successful and motivated people who are interested in personal and professional growth. People who are forward thinking and open to new perspectives

Business Description

Connecting Who You Are With What You Do

Deborah Prideaux is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist with over 15 years consulting experience spanning leadership development, talent management, psychological assessments, facilitation, executive coaching, outplacement and career coaching, and Aviation Psychology.

Her experience includes working with a diverse range of clients across Asia Pacific and the United Kingdom in a wide range of industries. As an experienced coach and facilitator she uses evidence based practices to work with successful and motivated people who are open to new perspectives and want to become more effective, fulfilled and connected to what they do.

Deborah's aptitude for understanding peoples’ needs and aspirations, combined with a knowledgeable and clear - thinking manner, enables her to work effectively with people to achieve desirable outcomes. A particular skill is challenging clients to identify their saboteurs to facilitate achievement of their goals.

Key Skllls:

Leadership Development - Intentional Leadership
◆Career Coaching
◆Talent Management 
◆Strengths Based Coaching | Performance Development
◆Team Building
◆Stress Management Coaching
◆Outplacement | Redundancy Coaching
◆Psychometric Assessments



Accreditations & Qualifications

Registered Organisational Psychologist

PGDip I/O Psych; MA (OPsych); BA (BPsych) 

Myers-Briggs Accreditation,

Intentional Leadership

Positive Psychology

Career Coaching,

Stress Management Coaching,

Performance Development, 

Aviation Psychology

Saville Wave Psychometric Assessments

Emotional Intelligence (EQi)

Deborah subscribes to the ethics and standards of the NZPsS.