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Ask Amy Virtual Assistant
17A Verona Ave
Mt Albert

Business Description

Ask Amy - Your Virtual Personal Assistant

Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find time to do everything? Ask Amy for help!

I'm a Virtual Personal Assistant helping local businesses who need a hand through these uncertain times, or who are struggling with time and feeling overwhelmed with work. I also help Not for Profit organisations, and busy individuals with their life admin.

It's easy to be snowed under and feel overwhelmed from never ending admin or to-do lists, a full inbox or overbooked schedule, a chaotic filing system, repetitive tasks, minute taking, project/event organising - the list goes on. By outsourcing this work to me, you will feel less stressed, have more valuable time to focus on your core business, a better work-life balance, and more time to achieve your goals.

The services you can utilise include:

  • Inbox and calendar management
  • Minute taking (from one person consults to Board meetings)
  • Executive assistance
  • Administration
  • Event & project support
  • Travel arrangements
  • Life admin

I can help with one-off projects or ongoing work, and offer different packages to suit different needs. I'd love to help your business and help you achieve your goals!

Outsourcing your admin to a Virtual Assistant is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to hiring an employee. You only pay for the hours you need, with no surprise or ongoing costs that come with hiring an employee.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat to see how I can help you!

Accreditations & Qualifications

Top skills:

Efficiency, time management, organisation, multi-tasking, communication, motivation, focus and adaptability. I am friendly, fun and positive.


I have a Bachelor of Science and Certificates in Animal Care, Animal Welfare Investigations, and Animal Management (Captive Wild Animals), and have completed short courses in Essential Business Writing for PA/EA, Working with Long Documents, and Advanced Skills for Personal Assistants and Secretaries.