Kaushik Gorasia, Life-N-Loans

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Life-N-Loans Mortgage Advisor
153B Bucklands Beach Rd
Bucklands Beach

Business Description

Dear friends, it may be unusual to introduce a risk and debt planning service with a personal greeting, but this friendly approach sums up the nature of our Life-N-Loans service.

Providing a welcoming one-stop-shop for a wide range of financial services is Life-N-Loans’ point of difference. People from all walks of life choose us because of the appeal and value of long-term relationships and proven integrity, especially where finance is concerned.

Our mission is reflected in our logo – we are all about People, Relationship and Results. Keeping that constant focus is the main reason that most of Life-N-Loans’ new clients join us through personal referrals.

My family has called New Zealand home since 2002, and I travelled extensively around this wonderful country from the outset.

Working in the insurance and mortgage business helped us settle easily into this wonderful part of the world. Living through the migration process ourselves, and meeting a fascinating assortment of people along the way, taught us that life can be complicated.

Hard-earned experience, as well as comprehensive training through large companies like Southern Cross and Sovereign, made it clear to me that everyone has a unique set of circumstances. One company, loan or risk solution definitely does not suit all. Choice is a major advantage.

My priority as your adviser is to patiently establish a full picture of your situation from you, and develop a clear pathway to a secure financial future – one that suits your individual needs and resources.

Most importantly, Life-N-Loans draws on a wide range of trusted contacts and associates to help you put the right mortgages and risk planning in place – and makes the resulting financial plan easy to understand and manage.

It is so much easier for everyone concerned when all debt structuring and risk cover options are being addressed in one forum, so that the bigger picture is clear.


Our background

Reliable bookkeeping and office admin assistance is essential to many of our clients. Life-N-Loans has added that option to our service portfolio. My wonderful wife Dolly is an excellent administrator!

Life-N-Loans helps to relieve pressure and increase efficiency for many of our clients by managing day to day business accounts, GST and PAYE returns, or helping with cash flow management, accounts receivable or accounts payable.

Dolly and I thoroughly enjoy working one-on-one with people, knowing as we do from first-hand experience the importance of good organisation, careful planning to own a home of our own and the protection of our families from risk, as best we can.

Life constantly moves our goalposts, and I am committed to being an approachable and trustworthy adviser who is always up to date and impartial about available options – through progressive as well as difficult times for family and finance.

We look forward to meeting you!